F.A.Qs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • What is the construction process?
    1. Pool layout
    2. Excavation
    3. Steel Installed
    4. Plumbing Installed
    5. Pool Grounded Electrically
    6. Separate Inspections (Electrical, Plumbing, Steel)
    7. Concrete Shell Installed
    8. Tile is Installed
    9. Dirt Work
    10. Forming of the Deck
    11. Deck Pour
    12. Pool Equipment Installed
    13. Pool Equipment Wired
    14. Pool is Prepared for Plaster
    15. Pool Plastered
    16. Pool is Filled with Water
    17. Yard is Cleaned
    18. Clients Receive Pool and Equipment Orientation
    19. Final Inspections
  • Do I have to be home during my Pool’s Construction?

    You should not have to alter your present routine very much for us. Of course, you are welcome to watch (as some stages are interesting) but it really is not necessary for you to be home while your pool is being built.

  • As a homeowner, do I have responsibilities in the construction process?

    There are a few things that the homeowner is responsible for; moving and or repairing any sprinkler system or irrigation system that lies in our path, please be sure that all valuables objects and equipment are put away, all gates are to be unlocked, and children should be cautioned to stay away from the backyard until the pool is finished, arrangements should be made for the care of all outdoor pets during the construction process.

  • What are the responsibilities of your company?

    We are responsible for all permits, calling in all inspections, scheduling crews and subcontractors, clean up of job site, installation of pool equipment, pool start up, and pool care and instructions.

  • Do your crews clean up the debris resulting from construction?

    Construction debris is typically piled neatly on site and removed at the end of the construction process.

  • Are start up chemicals included in the cost of the pool?

    Yes. The chemicals needed for the initial startup are included in the cost of the pool. You then must purchase any addition chemicals needed for the continual maintenance of your pool. If a salt generator is added to your pool, you must obtain the required amount of salt and add it one month after the pool is plastered.

  • Does your company provide pool service?

    No, we do not provide pool service.

  • Will I be instructed on the use and care of my pool equipment?

    Yes, Our Company will provide you with a detailed owner’s manual made especially for your pool and equipment, along with a very informative orientation explaining how to operated and care for the pool and it’s equipment.

  • I have heard about your exquisite pools, will I be able to afford your company?

    We definitely have a reputation for building extraordinary luxury pools, however we are able to accommodate most budgets and turn the simple into sensational to allow each customer to experience the outdoor living freedom.

  • Does your company offer financing?

    Yes. We work closely with financial institutes and can help you submit an application.

  • What are setback and easement requirements?

    Setback requirements are rules adopted by each municipality regulating minimum distances that structures such as pools, decks or houses must be from the edge of your property. The setback requirements adopted by the city or county governing construction in your area will be a major factor in determining how your pool or spa will be laid out on your property. Easement rights are rights of access across your property, typically for electric, telephone or other utility lines. There are a variety of rules and regulations regarding your ability to build or locate permanent structures in an easement.

  • Are there any legal or safety requirements we need to comply with?

    Yes. You will need to insure that your yard and pool area are adequately safeguarded with a code-compliant fence or other barrier preventing access to the pool from the backyard. You also will need code-compliant door and window alarms or a safety barrier to prevent access to the pool from inside your house.